Pedigree For: CH Fieldmaster's Nothing But Trouble
Provided By: Almost Heaven GSP's
  CH Fieldmaster's Nothing But Trouble  
  CH Virginia's Upland Gentleman  
  NSTRA Amt. Ch. Ground's For Divorce  
  FC AFC Bar Lou's Sin City Slick  
  Strad's Cool Chick  
  CH Stradivarius Mike V. Delcrest  
  Princess DeBabe Jessup  
  2X NFC/FC Sanjo Sin City Slicker  
  DC Hillhaven's Sunshine  
  CH Stradivarius Maximilien  
  Bud's Mistress Greta JH  
  Stradivarius Stravinski  
  Stradivarius Nuance  
  CH Headline's Just A Gigolo  
  CH Headline's Good Golly Ms. Molly  
  Blue Bayou  
  Kiss Me Kate  
  DC Hillhaven's Hustler  
  DC/AFC Eden's Lightning Snapper  
  KS Onyx Vom Hege-Haus  
  Stradivarius Fugue  
  Rocky's Run's Barney Jr.  
  Warwick's Sammys girl Tasha  
  KS Mondlicht Vom Hege-Haus  
  KS Holle Vd Stolzen Au  
  Am-Int. CH Hannibal Vom Hege-Haus  
  Stradivarius Lisztomania  
  FC Rupert Mein Vogelhund  
  Chimera's Nightshade  
  FC Rupert Mein Vogelhund  
  Daphnis of Beeches  
  Colonel of Belle-Arch  
  Alexandria Von Sniffer  
  FC Wolfsgaeger's Niki V Spee  
  NFC/FC Uodibar's Rachel  
  Hillhaven's Handsome  
  Hillhaven's Mark-V's Mandy  
  Eden's Double Dare  
  Jenny IV  
  KS Zobel Vom Hege-Haus  
  KS Galatea Vom Hege-Haus  
  DC Hillhaven's Hustler  
  Wendy Vom Enzstrand  
  KS Blanc Vom Hege-Haus  
  KS Yetta Vom Hege-Haus  
  KS Engholms Jucker  
  Grandel von der Stolzen Au  
  Arko Mein Vogelhund  
  Arko Mein Vogelhund  
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