In Search of the Perfect German Shorthair
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Neika Meister Jagerin
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Neika Meister Jagerin   Information for Neika Meister Jagerin
DC Ehrlicher Abe   Information for DC Ehrlicher Abe
Neika Jager Vom Shilo   Information for Neika Jager Vom Shilo
NFC Ammertal's Lancer D   Information for NFC Ammertal's Lancer D
CH Misty Fer Gitunburdz   Information for CH Misty Fer Gitunburdz
FC Thalberg's Seagraves Chayne   Information for FC Thalberg's Seagraves Chayne
FC AFC Ammertals Kitt V Shinback   Information for FC AFC Ammertals Kitt V Shinback
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