In Search of the Perfect German Shorthair
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FC Ace's Prima Banane
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FC Ace's Prima Banane   Information for FC Ace's Prima Banane
NFC Tetons Ace Vom Shilo   Information for NFC Tetons Ace Vom Shilo
Sier Apollo Fancy Fancy Free   Information for Sier Apollo Fancy Fancy Free
FC Shilo V Hessenwald   Information for FC Shilo V Hessenwald
Angles Queen of Points   Information for Angles Queen of Points
Saint's Nick   Information for Saint's Nick
FC Spot's Shotgun Sierra Tess   Information for FC Spot's Shotgun Sierra Tess
NFC FC Blick Von Shinback   Information for NFC FC Blick Von Shinback
FC AFC Freida Von Grief   Information for FC AFC Freida Von Grief
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